Apr 18, 2021 | What's New

Version 2.1.1 – The Plan Panel

By Rodrigo Fava Neto

This version is the Premiere of version 2, and its brand is the beginning of a more complete process of self-knowledge and improvement. Until then we could check, but now we can start planning, and developing our fitness, health and quality of life with Moetives. Here we talk about the Plan Panel, and in another article we’ll cover the Develop Panel.

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The Plan Panel is the space where our fitness goals become projects. Even if we have not set goals, Moetives proposes the minimum of physical activity recommended by the World Health Organization, for our reference, and / or for us to start thinking about our goals.

We use Periodization Principles

To develop conditioning, we have to overload the neuromuscular system preferentially with varied stimuli (volume, intensity and selection of exercises), forcing an adaptation, and at the same time managing fatigue.

This is done cyclically, according to the objective of each one of us, and the guidance of our coach. Given these guidelines, the Plan Panel allows us to plan our workouts within Moetives.

In the interface, what we see from top to bottom is a project, its phases, weeks and training days.


Project or Macrocycle

According to the periodization theory, the macrocycle is the time interval that you will train to reach our peak, which can be determined by the competition dates.

Here we make use of “poetic license“, to use the project as a flexible resource, that can be a larger block of time, such as a year or a season, for those of us who are not competing.


Phase or Mesocycle

The phases or mesocycles are subdivisions of the project to accommodate intermediate goals. According to the individual capacity, and the coach’s proposal, we can have an intermediate goal worked out by phase, or have several goals worked together.

When we start to practice a sport, for example, at first we have a lot of technique to develop before speeding up the process. This is a good example of an argument for breaking the project into phases.


Week or Microcycle

The weeks follow the target of the phase. Normally the difference in training between successive weeks within the same phase is defined by the phase progression strategy, and fatigue control.

For example, if we are a runner, and are in a phase that aims to gain endurance, the weeks can gradually gain mileage, or training time, as we progress through the phase.

Workouts of the Day

Within the weeks we have the training for each day, briefly represented by the number of training units (TU), and icon of the type of workout proposed.


Connecting the Dots

As Moetives identifies our moments of physical activity, it updates the number of TUs performed on the day, and the percentage of completion, of the week, of the phase and of the project.  We do not necessarily need to start training from the panel.



Planning is important, as long as it is flexible to accommodate real changes that happen to us during the execution of the plan, sometimes under our control and will, or not.


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