… what keeps you moving?

Fun, Control, or Performance Improvement, whatever your goal, Moetives automatically gathers the most dynamic moments of your lifestyle, so that you can follow in the best way, and selectively share.


So, what lifestyle information? 

Distinct Representations of Lived Moments


There are moments we travel distances doing a sport, driving for fun, commuting to work.


And then, selected places are obligatory stops to feed, to shop, to relax, to anything.


We take photos or record videos, but even when we don’t, the memories that we have been there are preserved.

Information Crossed with Lived Moments


We go to known places, and discover new ones. Close to some, away from others. We arrive by some means of mobility, that develops an average speed, and takes a certain time. We do something, and we keep moving. Altitude exerts its silent influence.


Climate is a game changer.  We rethink the place, the means of mobility, schedules, times, mood, state of mind. We enjoy the sun, we run from the heat and cold, we dance in the rain, we sweat with humidity, we admire the phases of the moon.


Our knowledge together with our reason makes us healthy.  We learn to balance quantities of activities with rest. We control our exposure to weather conditions. We make our food compatible with each moment and with our daily needs.

And you may select moments to share with family and friends, or save for further analysis, or use to feed another app.

Let us give you some usage ideas.

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