Moetives is the App that recreates the story of your life out of information gathered from taken pictures, recorded videos, GPS records, visited POIs, historic weather information, and more.

It suffices to install Moetives on your phone and have your phone with you,  then information will be gathered automatically, freeing you up from the effort to enjoy your moments!

You continue to take pictures and record videos as you normally do.  Moetives is just an observer.  And keeping your anonymity, it brings additional information to recreate the context, and surprise you.

Access Video Clips of Your Story

Moetives automatically creates video clips out of the sequence of events gathered.  At any time you may define a new clip start and finish mark and have it play the resulting video for you.

Have Fun with Your Conquests

How many cities have you visited?  Which are the highest mountains you have been to?  What is the total distance that you have being through?  What is the longest trip that you made?  The possibilities are endless.

Protecting your data and your privacy is one of the most significant parts of our goal.  Currently, all data is stored locally at your phone, and all requests to gather information from the servers are made anonymously and are not saved on the servers.  

Ready to get started?

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