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Where is my information stored?

Your information is stored locally on the device where Moetives is installed, and is not transmitted to any server.
Map downloads, location and climate requests, for example, are submitted to the servers without the device identification.

Is my information accessible by or shared with third parties?

No. We do not have access to your information. Therefore, there is no risk of a third party accessing or analyzing your information through us.

Do I need to allow use of GPS even when inactive?

Allow use is recommended.  Even when inactive, if you allow it, Moetives records the routes you take, the speed, the altimetry, the places you visit, weather information related to location.

This information is used, for example, to estimate physical exertion.

Do I need to allow access to my photo library?

Allow reading is recommended. Moetives reads your media and inserts a reference on the timeline to improve your experience.

The media is still stored in your library and therefore does not take up additional space.

Another cool thing is that reading your media it reconstructs part of your timeline that happened even before you installed it.

Do I need to allow the use of Health Information?

Allow access is recommended. Since the most essential information, such as calories burned, depend on health parameters such as your height and weight.

In addition, we will, whenever possible, choose to write and read health information from the standard repository, and avoid reinventing the wheel.

How is energy consumption?

Moetives makes smart use of multiple device sensors to automatically collect information for you. The collections of information are made in an adaptive way aiming at a good experience of use with the lowest possible energy consumption.

Although using GPS for example, consumption is several times less than a guided route, because the information is read and saved, only to be later interpreted. Everything happens in the background, without the screen being lit.

Why do I need to keep Moetives always open in the background?

Without being open, Moetives has no way of automatically identifying your moments for you, and therefore it would take up your time.

It is the policy of IOS to allow an application to have access to sensors such as GPS if it is open, even if it is in the background.

Rest assured that while it is in the background, and nothing is happening, it does nothing. If you are moving or taking a photo for example, Moetives will notice and do the minimum necessary to provide you with a nice user experience.

What do I get with Premium?

The Premium subscription gives you exclusive access to explore the timeline of additional key indicators, more precisely the indicators of: Fitness, Fatigue, Cyclist, Runner, Ultra Violet Index, Wind, Altitude, Time at Work, Time at Other Activities.

In addition, we have a giant roadmap in front of us, and you contribute to making it a reality faster, with priority to influence and use the new features. You can get a hint of what we have in mind by looking at our mission in the “About us” section.

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